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WP_20141119_007Spring Forward Greetings from Linda,

I was just thinking today about how springing forward is about change and hope.  Most of us humans don’t like change that much.  Too scary actually.  But I just heard that if I run from my fear, then I run from my life and I sort of hate to leave behind all the possible good things.  Thoreau once wrote that “Things don’t change; we change.”  And I also read that when talking about the survival of the fittest, it really isn’t about just being smart and strong, but rather it is about our ability to adapt to our situation, and after surviving, maybe even thriving. Sometimes that just seems too hard to even think about.  I prefer that things change so that I don’t have to work too hard and maybe I catch an unexpected break and then not so much is expected of me.  (I can hear you asking, “So how is that working for you?”)
It seems that caring for my mother is keeping me “on my toes” in terms of noticing my character flaws. (Two years and counting and yes, changing)  The good news is that it is spring in the Carolina Blue state and I love it here before the hot and humid sets in.  My flower garden is a great encouragement to me and working on it is therapy.  So much so in fact, I am creating a garden for Shannon, my daughter.  I may be “busting out all over” with hope and enthusiasm about my life before you know it!Garden 2016


I am continuing to update my tool chest for this hopeful, enthusiastic attitude that it feels like I need, and maybe you need as well, to navigate the challenges that life throws out on the life path whenever it feels like it.  I have quite a growing collection of new thoughts and ideas for my tool chest and I do keep wondering about ways to “share my tools.”  Still working on that and still shooting for the end of summer to come up with an inspiring idea.  I am also learning a lot about parenting from the Love and Logic program as well as continuing to work with area families and they teach me lots of new things all of the time! So, doing workshops in the fall is still on the table, but really, it seems that the best way to help families is to keep doing what I am doing now….talking with one family at a time and customizing a program that best works for them.  But, I am remaining open. (Man has a plan but God directs the steps!)


If you check out my post for this month, you will see my next favorite book which I have not read yet.  I am looking forward to seeing where the just the title might take me: Getting Past What You’ll Never Get Over.” Book Getting Past


Please do join me in springing forward into the next few months.  I would love to hear what tools are helping you the most with your journey and how this “change” thing is working for you as well!



 Sharing Experience, Strength, and Hope!
Linda Pulver Cripps
Life Coach, BS, M.Ed
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April Freeze Thoughts-2016

I am placing another book on my book list today and it is one of a kind.  It is one of a kind for me because I have NEVER put a book on my book list without reading it first.  I bought it only because of the title and I am not sure if I will ever read it or not.  The title is “Getting Past What You’ll Never Get Over.”  (John Westfall)  I was at a grocery store I never go to on a day where I was feeling just a tad stuck and out of no where this book jumped out at me and said “I bet you didn’t even know that there are some things we humans just can’t get over!”  I gasped in hopeful delight and decided I needed to own this book and share it (at least the title) with others.  The title of the first chapter is called The “get over it” fallacy.  The author suggests we put away our “pain-o-meters” and be honest with ourselves about our own lingering pain and give others the courtesy of their own process with their lingering pain.  I have felt sort of guilty all these years for breaking the “time heals all wounds” rule.  I kept repeating the same question over and over in my head, “what is wrong with me? I have had plenty of time to get over this.”  In fact, I am thinking that the expectation of getting over the past has kept me a little stuck.  Well, no more!  I will accept the fairly small list of losses that will always be... read more

December 20 2015

I am still working on some dates after the first of the year for a parenting workshop and a Broken Together gathering so hopefully I will be sending a “save the date” right after the 1st.  I do have a picture to go with this blog, but I don’t know how to attach a picture on a blog (of course).  If you are on my face book, then you might see a picture of my famous tree!  And there is a chance that this shows up on Facebook more than once; thanks for being patient with me! In my continued quest to gain wisdom from whatever challenging situation that I am in, I feel grateful for what I have learned this year in preparation for celebrating the hope of Christmas.  It seems that many folks feel great amounts of sadness when they realize that their dreams for how to celebrate the holidays, the traditions that they have held dear and that have comforted them for years, are gone.  I heard myself telling my clients that I surely understand their grief and that I suggest that creating new traditions that bring joy in the moment might be helpful.  And, being the kind of therapist that tries to hear my own words, I decided last year that I would spend more time stepping into new traditions and less time grieving what I no longer have.  I felt insecure about the Christmas tree outside the front door idea until I watched a Hallmark movie where the outside Christmas tree played a huge role in the theme of the story.  So, I looked... read more

The holiday season for 2015 begins

When my blog page just popped up, I felt like I was seeing a friend I hadn’t seen for a  long time.  I am very glad that it shows up whenever up push the right keys! I guess I am surprised to notice the date today and I wonder what happened to the plans I wanted to accomplish before 2016 made its debut.  But, here I am, now looking ahead to what adventures God has in mind for me (us) after the first of the year.  I will share what  my best guess is (Man makes a plan and God directs His steps.  Hurray for that truth!) and then work towards giving you a “save the date” reminder before the first of December. I hope to schedule a few parenting workshops for January for those with special children, those who work with special children, those who don’t have any special children as of this moment but maybe will in the future.  I believe all children are special in their own way and all children benefit from being around adults who have plenty of tools in their bag for creating a sense of belonging, safety, and plenty of empathetic responses rather than frustrated reactions.  Yes, a dose of consistency and a set of tried and true boundaries is also quite helpful. I also hope to invite you to our first “Broken Together” gathering where we will share our vulnerability and be beautiful together while also sharing a very blessed meal.  I am thinking of Psalm 34:18 that says that “the Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who... read more



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