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Join me on the road less traveled...

the website of Linda Pulver Cripps

Sharing Experience, Strength & Hope



There have been lots of changes in my life these last couple of years so it makes sense that those changes have impacted my ministry/counseling center. If I were going to change names, which seems complicated to me, I would change Well Experience to Broken Together. Yes, there are a couple of songs out there with this theme, but actually the seeds for this new focus of mine were planted years ago and have been germinating slowly forever. Too bad I didn’t write a song about my thoughts on this, right? This phrase keeps popping up in a variety of places and in a variety of ways and I feel like I must pay attention and I want to pay attention.


  • Broken Together seems like a powerful invitation to embrace truth regardless of how scary and messy that might be and then live more freely because of the experience. As I share my own experience, strength, and hope of these last few years of my life, I want to focus on vulnerability, gratitude, and hope; a hope that fuels change. (I Corinthians 13:11 ….I am putting the ways of childhood behind me).   Brene Brown believes that “what makes us vulnerable makes us beautiful” and if that is true then I am about to win the Ms. America contest for grandmothers! Then there is what Kara Tippetts talked about on her blog when she said that she was beginning to believe that her “brokenness might be her greatest strength.To be alive is to be broken and to be broken means needing grace” and living in grace is the greatest ever gift that God wants to give us all. Oh, and then there is caring for my mind, body, and soul, all at the same time while meeting the demands of this earthly life.

I would like to start a community of broken people who are willing to meet together at some appointed time to give and receive support. One of the songs says, “Maybe we can make it if we are broken together.” I believe the possibilities of this statement are enormous. At this point, I am not sure what this “appointed time” looks like and I am patiently waiting for God to “direct my next steps” with this.

 I am open to feedback so please use this link to express your interest.   https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/H75J9M6 Also remember that this is meant to be an outreach to those who may not already be part of this Well Experience community. I am hoping we have just as many new folks as we have folks who are already familiar with The Well Experience. Please pray for God’s leading on what you might have to offer or what you might need to receive in this effort to find strength and healing in being broken together. My hope is to meet together soon to share a more specific direction to this possible new adventure.

  •  My mediation blog which has been on hiatus for quite some time is just about ready to come out of it’s still place and I will be posting something at least once a week if not more. Instead of focusing on just one book, I will be using quotes from a variety of sources; some from the past few years and some inspiration from current/new writings. The posting will be on Face book and the web site, and if your I happen to think of you while I am writing, I may just send it to your E-mail.


  • On my Well Experience Web site, you will also find a new section that focuses on information, listed by topic, for that book that I am writing in my head. A few of the topics you can look for will be: What is the difference between self-care and selfish? What is the difference between loving well and enabling? What are the top 10 things I need to know about parenting well? Am I grieving or is this depression? And the list goes on. Some of you who have flattered me by taking notes while I “think out loud”. You might be called upon to help me remember some of the wise things I may have said but did not write down. I need all of the help I can get!

I plan to continue my family counseling; I haven’t had to ask anyone to wear name tags yet to remember names so I think I am good to continue a while longer. God has whispered an exciting suggestion to me for the future, but for today, I am still meeting with those who God sends to my newly decorated office.

I am so grateful for this community that God has allowed me to be part of these last many years. I thank God for you and ask that He would bless you in a special was as you read this.


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I’ve overcome many of my insecurities and I’ve learned to love and care for myself. Through this process, I’ve become a better wife, mom, and friend.


Linda speaks truth in an approachable, transparent and gentle way to the effect that it brings freedom to your life. Jill

Linda helps you to see truth and expects you to apply it. She is more of a “coach” than a therapist because once you KNOW truth you need to understand how to apply it.