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New Year’s greetings,

And welcome to my updated web site!
I have heard from several people that 2014 is going to be the year of great blessings to all who are reaching out with open hands!  That sounds good to me and I hope you will join me in the “hunt” for God’s gifts to His children.
And, as long as you are visiting the home page for the Well Experience Ministry and Counseling web page that you will take a minute or two and see what the vision is for this next year.
As many of you know, my meditation blog is inspired by Ann Voskamp and her book and devotional called “One Thousand Gifts.”  Her desire is to help us all learn to live life fully no matter where we are!  Her thoughts have helped so much in how I deal with disappointment.  She believes, and I am beginning to see it in my own life, that  a grateful heart precedes the miracle.  
In addition, a client suggested I read “Daring Greatly” by Brene’ Brown and oh my that adventure is only just beginning.  Please check out a sort of check list to see how you are doing in living as a wholehearted individual.  Do let me know your score.  And, check out “The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto.”  It will bring a tear to your eye if you think about yourself as the child.  I know that as a grandparent, I want to learn to live by these suggestions for my grandchildren and as we all know, that means that I must model for them that I am “caring for my soul” in the best way I know how.
In closing, let me encourage us all this year to focus on the light that lives within each of us for in doing so we share that light with those around us!

Growing in Gratitude and Grace,
Ms. Linda